3D is here to stay... Steven says so

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

3D is here to stay... Steven says so

The 'masters' who brought us classics as Jaws, the Godfather and Taxi Driver are filming in 3D as we type.... 

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Door: Peter

They should find a solution for those d*mned 3d glasses. Only then 3D will stay succesfull

Jan de Bont : Surfing on Light

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Proud. That's what we are working on this exciting project.

Atelier HSL asked us to do the post production for this 3D 360 experience.

That meant riding on the HSL train between Amsterdam - Breda all day long...collecting the data from the 4 stereoscopic rigs attached to the train. 2 camera's on the front, 2 on the back and 2 left and right.

Then came the fun part: how do you edit all these rushes?

And how do you finish a 360 degrees experience without ever seeing it as it was meant to be?

We went creative with a stack of IMacs, JVC 3D projectors and quite a dosis of imagination, 

The installation and end result can be seen and experienced at LP2 at the Wilhelminakade 326 in Rotterdam

Director: Jan de Bont

Producer: Ewald Rettich

Audio: FC Walvisch

Edit: Michelle Hofman

Grading: Florentijn Bos

Edit, visual effects, 3d corrections, motion graphics and colour grading at Storm.

Special thanks to Yke & Philip from Camalot for the great camera and technical support

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Nova Zembla Teaser

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The first glimpse of Nova Zembla on your computer...Or better...go see the final Harry Potter movie at the cinema and watch the teaser in glorious 3D!! 

Production company: Eyeworks Film & TV Drama

Director: Reinout Oerlemans
Dop: Lennert Hillege
Stereographer: Jurrien Steenkamp
Edit teaser: Radu Ion
Colorgrading: Bart Verraest
Depthgrading: Florentijn Bos
Graphics: David van Heeswijk & Jack Kuiper


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Anaglyph Party

Friday, April 1, 2011

Anaglyph Party

STORM is preparing for the 3d revival
The first dutch stereoscopic 3d Feature 'Nova Zembla' from Eyeworks film&TV drama will be posted @ STORM. Directed by Reinout Oerlemans and shot by DP Lennert Hillege.
Is it double the work in post? Does Willem Barentsz succeed in finding the North?
We are about to find out.

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Door: Cor van den Broek

its a very profesional look have a good time greeting from ravenstein

Door: Berend van Eerde

A new spot! Congrats! I'll have to go see! Is Bart getting bolder?! ;-)